CIM Hosts Bike Building Event!

CIM’s bike building event on August 16th made a lot of underprivileged kids very happy! Twenty-four children from the Boys & Girls Club of Westminster, Calif., joined GSF Foundation volunteers to build their bikes at a Foundation event hosted at GSF’s Liquid Products facility in City of Industry, California. For some of the kids this was their first bike!

“This is great!” “I love my new bike!” and “Awesome!” were how the children (8-12) described their new rides, according to Helen Ortega, Activity Director for the Westminster Boys & Girls Club. “This was so generous of GSF!” said Helen. “Our kids really appreciate the bikes. Many of their families can’t afford to provide new bikes for them. You made a lot of our kids very happy today!

The bike building event teamed one CIM mechanic, one CIM hourly associate and five children to assemble five bikes. It became a spirited competition and learning experience for both the kids and the adult volunteers. Once the bikes were assembled, the kids couldn’t help but jump on and start riding them around the parking lot with huge grins on their faces.

The Boys & Girls Club kids were also treated to McDonald’s Happy Meals for lunch and received helmets and bike locks. Los Angeles County Sheriff Officer, Joe Nanquil, was also on hand to give a great safety talk about wearing helmets and general bike safety.

This event was videotaped by the local SoCal PBS station for a program about national charities that should air in September.

Mickey Hamer, Vice President and General Manager – CIM Liquid Products, was the host and emcee for the event. Corporate attendees included Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Office, Neil Crack-nell, and Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Bill Sanderson.

Special thanks to Joe Soran, Office Manager/Information Specialist, for chairing the event and for doing all the planning and coordination for the day. Additionally, Becky Kruger, Senior Administrative Assistant, and Rosie Padilla, HR Manager, were key contributors to this event. The GSF Foundation also sends out a big ‘thank you’ to all the associates and volunteers who helped make this a wonderful and memorable day for the Westminster Boys & Girls Club kids.