Crafts and coloring bring smiles for a day

2009.03.12 craft and coloring

Portland Foundation members took time from their busy schedules to cheer up and make crafts with children who are staying at the Shriner’s Hospital. The day was very eventful for all of the volunteers as they spent time making St. Patrick’s Day crafts, coloring and lifting up the children’s spirits by helping them to focus on something else rather than their illnesses.

“I really enjoyed my trip to the Shriner’s hospital,” says Warehouse Supervisor, Ralph Lopez. “I loved the fact that something as simple as coloring a page from a book brings joy to a child’s face and mine included. I think it puts a child at ease more, along with their families, when there is someone there to see how you are doing and enjoying a brief, fun time together.”

Ashleigh Revelle, customer service representative, Paul Garfalakis, driver, Richard May, driver and Tom Mayer, driver all helped bring a smile to a child’s face. They said that it brought fun and joy to all of them. “Giving back is what it is all about,” says Portland General Manager and Committee Chair, Mark Halpern. “Our committee truly enjoys providing our time to a very worthwhile charity.”

Shriner’s Hospital has a special meaning to Golden State Foods Foundation.  GSF associate and volunteer, Tom Mayer has a personal experience and connection with the Shriner’s Hospital. One of his sons, Joey, had 17 surgeries there when he was a child. Now as a young adult, he is doing fine. But the bond that GSFF has with this hospital because of what Tom and his family went through will continue. Awarded the Community Service Award in 2008, GSFF-Portland volunteers donate their time and talent at least six times a year to this wonderful hospital that focuses on saving the lives of children with many illnesses.