GSF Volunteers Walk ‘n Roll for FAAN

Walk ‘n Rollers talk for FAAN!

Walk ‘n Rollers talk for FAAN!

Approximately 2.2 million children suffer with food allergies in the United States. Although this is an affluent problem, many people tend to overlook food allergies and the help that people need, but not for Golden State Foods. GSFF volunteers from Irvine and CID donated their time and effort to raise awareness and support the Food Allergy and Anaphylactic Network (FAAN), on April 26 at the Sierra Vista Middle School in Irvine.

The Foundation members donated food and their time to serve the Walk and Roll dinner consisting of hamburgers, chicken burgers, chips, drinks and cookies. The food service had the perfect number of volunteers where half helped with cooking and preparing the burgers and the other half worked with serving and handling the cash and sales of the food.

A local teenager, Jacob Berger, put together this rockin’ event. Jacob suffers from food allergies and wanted to raise money for FAAN to bring awareness and possible cures for food allergies. He also had four bands entertain the crowd with live music.

Along with GSFF, other companies such as In-N-Out Burger, Juice It Up and Counter Custom Burgers were there volunteering and helping with donations.  Several hundred walkers and even more rockers turned out for the event, which raised $4,000, and will help FAAN fund and research allergies and possible cures. “With the music, friendly environment and perfect weather,” says volunteer, Sneha Patel. “We all had a great time serving the hungry kids and their families. It was a very fun and lively event.”

Volunteers who contributed their time and talents consisted of Irvine members Bill Sanderson, Jackie Wheeler, Lori Mayes, Sneha Patel, Chuck Browne; and from CID, Kim Macias, Lee Gragnano, Griselda Hernandez, Gary Swope and Gary Stovel.