GSFF-Phoenix helps homeless children one washer and dryer at a time

Pictured left to right: Foundation volunteers, Linda Fernandez, Ralph Jones, Tricia Gilman, Yuji Fugiyama

Pictured left to right: Foundation volunteers, Linda Fernandez, Ralph Jones, Tricia
Gilman, Yuji Fugiyama

This spring, GSFF-Phoenix reached out not to only to different families in need, but children who no longer have a family.  After learning that over 120 kids from the Avondale, Buckeye, Goodyear, and El Mirage communities had been abandoned; the folks at the Phoenix chapter of the GSF Foundation couldn’t let this heartbreaking situation go unnoticed.

Focusing on New Direction High School in Avondale where 70% of children are homeless. GSFF, helped provide new energy efficient washers and dryers. The washer and dryers were set up in a classroom where they not only are used after school, but during school hours where students are taught how to use them and how to be independent.  In addition to donating the washer and dryer valued at $950.00, the group also donated $1,200.00 in varied items, personal clothing items, and shoes, according to Mary Hofstetter, Phoenix committee member.

“We had a great time shopping for the items, knowing what a big difference our Foundation was making,” she said. “The community and school leaders were very appreciative and amazed at the generosity of our Foundation. These wonderful children need all the help they can get and we are grateful that we could help in this great cause.”

Phoenix Foundation committee members that helped purchase and shop for all the generous items donated included, Linda Fernandez, Nychole Garcia, Tricia Gilman and Mary Hofstetter.

With the current economic situation many parents have abandoned their children leaving them with nothing. High school aged children have often come home from school to find their parents gone as well as the home that provided shelter, food and clothing.

Fortunately, these children are still able to receive support to continue their education and be given counseling to help heal their emotional scars left by their circumstances. Despite everything that these teenagers have gone through, many of these students will graduate with honors and continue in their schooling by going to college.