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    The GSFF Bike Build provides at-risk children opportunity for individual growth and instills valuable life skills. This program teaches safety, goal setting and the value of hard work to achieve those goals. A bike helps a child develop his or her sense of self-reliance, adventure, strength and character. Each child gets to build their very own new bike with an adult mentor and takes home the bike, along with a helmet and lock.


    The success of the GSFF Bike Build is due in large part to the partnerships formed over past years. With the help and support of local bike shops that act as an excellent resource for future tune-ups and safety lessons, the program gives children the necessary tools to maintain their new bicycle. Another partner to the bike program is the Boys and Girls Clubs across America. They believe in and understand the value of the program as a tool that promotes reward for hard work and engagement. Working with like-minded organizations strengthens the core message at the heart of the program, the importance of teaching children responsibility and healthy life choices.

    National Partnerships

    The program’s national partnerships provide for the widespread growth and awareness of our cause throughout the nation, and are essential to the ultimate success of the program and ensuring its future.  Support from Pacific Cycle has helped provide the materials necessary for the children to actually build the bikes, along with providing helmets and locks, making the bike building program a safe reality.

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    To a child in need, a bike represents freedom, control and responsibility. Your contribution to the GSFF Bike Build has the power to change a child’s life forever.
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