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    Pedal to Perfection

    The Pedal to Perfection program raises student attendance rates, by helping schools develop programs that reward students for exceptional attendance, as well as other outstanding and beneficial types of behavior. By demonstrating nearly perfect attendance for the school year, children in the Pedal to Perfection program earn a brand new bike, complete with a helmet and lock. This program is a motivating force in helping at-risk children achieve their potential, proving academic success is attainable.

    Partner Schools

    The Pedal to Perfection program develops close relationships with schools participating in the program, and works with administrators to ensure the goals of the program are met on multiple levels. Foundation volunteers make certain that teachers, as well as administrators, have outlined the requirements to students, and ensure that program goals are maintained throughout the school year.

    National Partnerships

    For the schools that choose to use a bicycle as an award for perfect attendance, the GSF Foundation proudly partners with Pacific Cycles as a provider.

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    Attendance at school is key in getting the most out of one’s education. Your contribution to the Pedal to Perfection program helps give at-risk children an opportunity to achieve their educational goals and aspirations.
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